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About Abr Al Sharq Company for petroleum services LLC

About us

Base: Basra, Iraq
Establishment: 1998
Specialty: Rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure of the oil, gas, and power sector
Info: Acting as the corner stone of our group, Abr Al Sharq is devoted to the main cause that unites all the three companies together, which is the rebuilding of Iraq,
and the contribution to providing a better life for its people. Heavily engaged in projects with the Iraqi government and foreign companies based in Iraq, we
have been able to directly impact the quality of life for many parts of Iraq.



Our Mission

Every great achievement starts with a mission, and through the constant planning and patience, the goal grows closer, however, that is when we even raise the standards higher and aim for a better, more challenging quality of service.
We aim to become the first sought after establishment, when it comes to all Oil & Gas sector and subsectors related solutions, we aim to do this through focusing on the following points:
• Create a tightly knit network between our three companies, to provide all required services to our clients when any of the three are contracted.
• Set our Health, Safety and Environment standards not only to the highest grade, but even improve it further and become a beacon to those that want to follow suite.
• Give and provide to the community twice as much as we receive, but creating job opportunities and improving the quality of life, for we are nothing without the wellbeing and support of our own people/staff.
• Provide in house training and development for our staff to further improve their skills in the professional field.



Our Vision:

Our vision is our compass that is always pointing us towards our goals, and through it, we aspire to be:
• A place where people would love to work in, and with that fact itself, they push themselves to become the best they can be.
• A vast network of clients and partners; it requires teamwork and trust to build a winning empire.
• Always ahead of everybody else, whether it is our health and safety standards or our productivity and flexibility..